Batik Frocks

Batik Frocks / Bathik Frocks Sri Lanka has an exotic handmade collection of Batik frocks from a large number of manufacturers in the field.

Sri Lankan handmade Bathik wear is well known for its comfortable feel as well as uniqueness in designs.

Handmade Bathik frocks available at can be purchased directly from the Batik designer. You can simply contact the designer and choose from among the available designs or get it custom made from the designer according to the frock design you have in your mind just for yourself.

There are different types of Handmade Sri Lankan batik frocks for sale. Bathik frocks for parties, casual wear and nightgowns with different frock patterns. You can select from a collection ranging from the Traditional designs, semi-traditionals to the modern designs. Hand drawn designs are unique in many ways. The collection here is a sample of the work done by each designer. You can get in contact with the designers to explore more of their work.

We have almost all the manufacturers in one place where you can compare their work and choose to match your taste. These designers can create an atmosphere that keeps you unmatched among many others whatever the occasion is. 100% cotton material gives you a comfortable touch and keeps you at ease even in harsh climates.

Since we charge no commission, the end customers are assured with a fair price for good quality.

We promote these unique products and encourage you to purchase them considering the product quality as well as to promote the creations of small and medium scale batik clothing manufacturers of Sri Lanka.

We invite you to experience the luxurious cotton feel along with the exotic handmade batik designs which gives you the looks that would keep yourself amazed.

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