Hotel Photography Sri Lanka

A beautiful photo story of your hotel can make that irresistible urge in your guest to visit your place in the very next vacation.

Nishan ogives hotel-photography

Nishan Ogives

BSc. Business Administration (Special) USJP
Google Trusted Photographer
074 0077 256 (Kandy - Sri Lanka)

Each property is unique in its own way. Developing an effective photo story to bring out that uniqueness is a professional task which requires hands-on experience in the field for a considerable period. This includes techniques of photography as well as proper understanding of the field of hospitality.

A professionally developed photo gallery should include everything you have to offer captured in the right way. Details of the location, the restaurant, lobby, rooms, amenities, the garden, the pool, food and most importantly the feeling. The photos should carry the exact emotion you wish to promote. Such an all comprehensive story of your property can increase the conversion rate and boost your bookings.

A single photo is 1000 times more effective in creating the intended impression than a 1000 words article written on your property. Hence, yes…., you have come to the right place…..