PVC Ball Making Machines

PVC Ball Making Business

PVC Ball is a safe toy available in the market in many different sizes and colours. Children of all age types love to play with PVC Balls. Therefore there is a very good demand for this toy despite the time and place. There is also a special bulk demand for Children’s Parks, Play Grounds, Swimming Pools and at the Beachside for this toy.

Due to the comparably low price of the item, the purchase decision is always favourable. This results in carefree repetitive purchase of the same item over and over again. Often the market demand is met with importation due to lack of local manufacturers.

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PVC Ball Making Machines - India


PVC Ball Making Machines

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PVC Ball Making Machines

There has been no sufficient consideration being paid to commence this manufacturing business line in Sri Lanka despite the favourable market conditions. This industry can be commenced as a house-hold business as well as a small, medium or large scale business.

The minimum capital investment requirement would be around LKR 350,000/- . The manufacturing process is simple and the machinery requirement limits to one machine which is available either in hand operated mode or semi-automated mode. The raw materials needed would be the PVC plastic in liquid mode. Thus, this business involves low investment but yields high profits.

The manufacturing process includes the following steps:-

  • First the PVC material is poured into the round mould and exposed to the burner hearth.
  • While in the heating process, the machine provides 360 degree rotations to the mould to have the material properly spread and applied.
  • Next cooling and demoulding. The mould is drowned in the water and then the small pvc ball will be taken out to fill air to the appropriate size.
  • Next the small hole is covered and mended using a heated iron rod.

As per available details machinery and materials are imported from India or China. We have an open request to all those who can supply either machinery or materials to list themselves in our website; udarata.com for free. We invite you to explore the possibilities of commencing this low investment , high profit business at your home ,in your village or town for a better Sri Lanka.

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