Manual Cup Sealer Machine

yogurt cup sealing machine

Manual Cup Sealer Machine - Sri Lanka

Aluminium foil lid sealer Ideal for yogurt cups, drink cups, dessert, watalappam etc.. Best suitable for using in small production units and take away counters.

  • Cup Sealing Diameter 7.5cm
  • Output : 300 - 500 cups/hr
  • 1-2 seconds of contact between die and foil is required for complete sealing
  • Power : 150 Watts
  • Voltage : 220 V
  • Made in sri lanka by darley & company
  • Contact - +94 112 076266


Cup Sealing Machine


First Turn on the Power switch & adjust the Heat Contoller, Heat Sealling temperature level changes as per the cup material


Side View


Load Cup to the Machine Manually


Keep Aluminum Foil Lid

cup-sealer-sealing-machines-manual aluminum foil lid

Press the Handle down to Heat Seal the cup


Sealed Cups

Darley & Company

Colombo Sri Lanka.

Tel No. +94 112 076266

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