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Impulse Heat Sealers


This is the basic and the cheapest polythene package sealer in the market for packing goods. This sealer is especially used to seal the openings of ready-made bags. Hourly packing capacity of Impulse sealer is low since it is a manually operated machine. However, this polythene bag sealer is widely used in SMEs and start-ups.

Impulse heat sealers are different from common heat sealers which use constant heating. The main difference is that the sealing element gets heated only during the sealing process and the sealing time is also adjustable with the timer. Thus, it uses a brief electricity power to give instant heating. These sealers are often used for thermoplastic materials since they do not require a high level of heating for sealing. It is considered that this method is very much hazard free and economical due to the effective heating method.

This sealer is very much used in;

  • Packing different types bites, peanuts, milk toffees
  • Packing soya, papadam, noodles
  • Ice packets, spices, buns, butter cookies etc

Band Sealer

Band sealer

Band sealer is a machine used to seal pouches both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, there are two models available in this machine namely horizontal model and vertical model. The sealing process is supported by bands and a moving conveyor belt and therefore can be used for both lightweight packages and heavyweight.

The machine is semi-automatic and ideal for batch processing. It has capacity for a faster operation which makes it the best for quick packaging requirements. Infact, the hourly packaging capacity is much higher than that of the Impulse Heat Sealers. Though the machine cost is comparably high to that of other types, it is worth the investment considering its capacity and convenience. At the same time, this machine is ideal for small and large scale manufacturers.

Shrink Packaging

shrink packaging

Shrink-wrapping is a packaging method especially appropriate for packing fresh products or perishables and for odd shaped items. In shrink packaging a polymer material such as PVC, polypropylene or polyolefin shrink films are used and sealing is done with the help of a heat machine. This method is very much used and appropriate for small businesses.

Vacuum Sealer Machine

Foot Sealer

Cap Sealing Machine

Heat Sealer Machines - Suppliers Sri Lanka

Hara Packing

No. 84, Reclamation Road, Colombo - 11, Sri Lanka

Tel No. +94 112 472 617 , :+94 112 472 617

Darley & Company

No. 549/6, Sumedha Mawatha, Walpola, Angoda, Sri Lanka

Tel No. +94 112 076266

Robert Agencies (Pvt) LTD

No. 88, N H. M. Abdul Cader Road, (Reclamation Rd) Colombo-11, Sri Lanka.

Tel No. +94 011 2 421009

Dunuwila Traders,

Kandy Road, Kurunegala . Sri Lanka.

Tel No. 071 7078181

Sepack Lanka (PVT) LTD.

No. 313, Kandy Road, Peliyagoda-11830, Sri Lanka.

Tel No. 011-2915680, Mob: 072 4114928,0766993353

Dinu Trading Company

No 37/7/1, Pepiliyana Mawatha, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

Tel : +94112826279 Mobile: +94773150986 / +94772428163

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